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May 3, 2012

So what happened to my Boston Qualifying Quest in 2011?

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Well I did beat 3:10 at the Avenue of the Giants Marathon 2011. Not by much though. I ran 3:09:46.

However that wasn’t enough eventually as the cutoff for the 18-34 group ended up being 3:08:46!

While it was agonizing considering that I took a 53 sec toilet break and that I ran 26.49 miles since I didn’t exactly race the tangents, it was still a PB and quite honestly a bonus.

So I am back this year, trying to qualify at the Grandma’s Marathon 2o12.

However unlike last year, I have done the bulk of my training in India and am in the US only 2 weeks before the race.

Watch this space. I am hoping to beat last year’s timing.


February 17, 2011

Boston Marathon Qualifying Norms Revised

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This is a parallel post from my personal blog.

We had this professor for quantitative techniques whose course at the end of the first year was famous for the number of people who flunked. In several cases, that flunking meant that the student would have to leave the college since he would have had multiple poor grades and we had a limit on number of courses you could carry with a poor grade. When people approached him on this, he said that we don’t want the college to send out weaklings into the universe!

The BAA seems to have taken a similar approach.

The irritating part is that they are right. Boston is an elite race and now you will want to kill yourself even more. But damn!

3:10 can register on day 8, by when they will pretty much say, “Sorry but we closed 3 days ago”

3:05 can try and register on day 5.

3:00 can register on day 3. I think this will prove to me the magic number.

I was hurting after a hard, speed training session of 400m repeats y’day. 3 hr pace means 6:52 min miles. That is pretty much sprint/time trial pace for me. I have barely held it for a 10K and am pretty much sure today I will die if I try it for a half marathon.

While I rave and rant here, the subtle change is that Boston has now lowered the effective gap between the norms for men and women to 10 min. While the age group norm for 18-34 for men was 3:10, for women it was 3:40. However for day 1 registration, women need 40 min plus on that while the men need 20 min. Royal Rumble is in the offing.

So many things hang in balance now. If I wasn’t feeling anxious already, this has acted like one solid kick in the nuts.

The only saving grace amidst all this is my awesome coach, who just laughs it all off and is as encouraging as he was at the start of my program. Oh we will just run faster, eh!

December 18, 2010

All for one, One for all

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Starting 20th Jan, yours truly will be in the Bay Area and will be there till about 15th June in quest of that elusive Boston Qualification.

So after a long time, I will join the other 3 Bangalore Boys (2 As and NP*) in the promised land…

*Ok fine, NP is not really “in” the promised land, he is in the promised “island” 😉

Josphat Menjo

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Thanks to those amazing guys at SS, discovered a new superman – Josphat Menjo…bringing an altogether new twist to Oscar Wilde’s famous “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking…” Finally Bekele may have some competition

April 23, 2010

Big Sur, here comes big sir ;)

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here comes our professor prasad for his second big marathon – FIRST big one really based on his prep. from this blog, we wish him the best, an injury free good finish and great weather. pun intended on FIRST… will leave him to pen his thoughts post race.

April 10, 2010

Last mid tempo before race

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5miles @8:22min/mile.

This is the last mid distance tempo run before the Big Day. I love tempo runs—my gait is perhaps the most efficient at this speed. Had I enough base mileage, I should have shot for a 9:10min/mile pace in the marathon. But I only started running in Feb, so I will stick to a glacial 9:45-10min/mile pace for long distance. Still, given that I did not run at all in 2008 (except three 13 mile runs—on LJ half marathon day, on SF Half, on SD half :)), it feels good to back on the road to regular fitness levels.

This Dec, I will run the HNL marathon, and perhaps aim for a sub 9:10min/mile pace. I will have a sufficient running base then, and besides, I will have the home advantage. This pace puts me on track for a sub-4 marathon–woohoo!!

But before all that, I want a speedy (for me) 10k. My summer goal will be to break the 50min barrier for a 10k—which is a sub 8min/mile pace. It is about 20-25s/mile faster than my current 10k time of 52:17 (8:21min/mile).

April 5, 2010

20 mile run

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Great. 19.85miles @10:09min/mile.

I decided to run the last 8 miles with the Honolulu marathon clinic today. So I started off at 5:40am, planning to complete about 10-12 miles before the group started its run. In addition, this was the first time I ran early in the morning—just wanted to make sure nothing went wrong. Breakfast was a granola cereal I picked from COSTCO.

Well, it was a terrible idea to run early in the morning. We have had very heavy trade winds and rain all through the last week, and early morning often bears the brunt of the rain. I ran the first few miles through lashing rain, skipping and jumping over puddles (and little frogs) everywhere, soaked and miserable. But as the day broke, the rain let up a little bit, and the run became nicer. I had 11 miles in the bank before the group started its run—almost perfect since the group had decided to run 8 miles.

Unfortunately, every group took too many stops for my poor legs. At some point in long runs, I guess one goes on momentum rather than any energy—it isn’t really easy to keep stopping and going. Therefore, I did not stop at water stops. Instead I would leave a group behind when they stopped for water and chase the next one ahead—or run a few small loops around, fitting in a tenth of a mile in the minute or so it took for a water break.

The above few sneak detours meant that I ran a little more than 8 miles, and I was at 19.35 when the others finished. I ran on a little further till the trail end, bringing the total up to 19.85. Good enough, and I was done donadone! Last monster long run over!!!!!!!

As I had expected, this was far easier than the 18 miler I did a couple of weeks back. At mile 20, I was actually feeling pretty good, and I would have happily run on longer if need be.

I was not even sore after this run, and more generally, no trouble at all barring the weather. For electrolytes, the Nuun tablets I used in water helped greatly. I finished all 10 dates I had with me—for the race day, I will budget 12 for the first 20 miles, and 6 more for the last 10k.

On race day, I will replicate my breakfast menu from today. So, I guess I will pack the Granola cereal, dates and Nuun tablets with me when I fly out to Big Sur. There will be more added to the packing list as I plan out the trip over the next couple of weeks.

April 1, 2010

Finishing weeks

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Tue 3/23. 3 mile tempo @8:30min/mile. Slight foot numbness issue, but solution rests with adding a second insole to my right foot.
Thu 3/25. 5 mile tempo @8:18min/mile. Coyote Creek Trail near Cisco, San Jose. Nice being back in old hauts.
Sat 3/27. 10 mile run @9:38min/mile. San Acquinos/Saratoga Creek Trail in South SF Bay Area.
Tue 3/30. 8 mile tempo @8:53min/mile. Ala Wai canal.

It has been a long journey to this point, filled with equal amounts of apprehension and uncertainty to relief, amazement at how well the program was helping to a creeping confidence.

There is a 20 miler to go, but I see why some programs do not worry too much about this run. I am pretty confident for the 20 miler—it was the 18 miler I had more worry about. I feel fitter, stronger and I do not even get sore after runs. My old enemy can be controlled by something as simple as a second insole in my right shoe. All in all, things are looking up.

I haven’t updated about my last few runs, but the underlying theme has been that I feel fitter, stronger, faster! Enough to actually look forward to the 20 mile run this weekend.

I will be concentrating on my hydration, electrolyte and eating strategy during the 20 miler. The game starts Thu prior to the run—everything from tomorrow on will be tightly controlled.

March 22, 2010

18 mile run

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Good. +/-850ft; 18miles @10:03min/mile.

I ran a little faster than I had to, but even so the run went well. I will pay attention to pacing myself more carefully during my 20 miler, but I am happy the run was uneventful.

It was very even splits for the most part, with my final mile split (10:09) was close to my average

What surprised me was the amount I ate on the run. On the 16 mile run a couple of weeks ago, I remember eating about 4 dates or so (about 250 calories). On this run, I ate about 6 dates and half a brownie (a friend gave me this at mile 16)—altogether about 450 calories—almost as if all the
additional distance came from what I ate during the run!

Amazingly, I am not sore at all—though for a few minutes after the run, it was painful to even stand! The worst offenders were my quads and hamstrings, perhaps due to the pounding I took on the slopes.

The funny thing is that I have never taken any electrolyte on any of my runs so far. I think I have just been lucky—my sweating does not throw me off balance, even though I start off at 5pm (high 70s) and the temp remains high throughout (at 8pm, the temp is low to mid 70s).

But I will add either gatorade/salt tablets to the mix during the 20 miler and long runs from now on. I don’t think I need much, but it probably will help to take in some electrolyte at mile 16 or so, just in case.

March 19, 2010

Wind up for the 18 miler

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Good. 1mile easy; 4miles at 8:22min/mile; 1 mile easy.

Today was a 4 mile tempo before the big run day after tomorrow. It went well and the run felt easy. I wonder how much my 10k pace has improved—but I will figure that out after the marathon. Once again, the FIRST program rocks!

In other news, the Honolulu marathon camp has started. I might complain a lot about HNL—especially after being nearly run over several times, it is hard to be charitable—but HNL has its pluses. A lot of people are very nice, as evidenced by the free public marathon training program here. I don’t think I have seen such a program elsewhere. Safe running, and best of luck to all the first time runners! I will just go over there this weekend to soak up the environment.

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